LRXS can provide highly qualified will, trust & LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) appointments, both telephonic as well as face to face. We put you in touch with people who want to get a will done or want an advice on putting together a trust or LPA.

We have a small team who specialises in generating appointments for these products and they work very closely with our current clients who in turn educate them time to time so they’re up to date with the new guidelines, rules, etc. and are able to handle any of the client’s queries or objections with confidence.

We don’t tie you in any kind of contracts or long term agreements so that you’re comfortable dealing with us & that it’s easy on you to pull out or stop buying when you like.


Apart from this we also have access to details of individuals who have opted in on our online & telephone surveys to receive a call from an adviser regarding the above mentioned services. These are extremely cost effective leads & work best when bought in bulk & used on diallers, to be used by your sales team.  You can narrow it down to a few selected postcodes of your choice + based on their home owner status.


  • To ensure you get only the best we have a very robust verification process in place. Every lead gets verified by the team manager to check the quality is up to the mark & the lead is within the specified criteria.
  • All the calls are recorded & monitored by our compliance team to maintain high quality standards plus to consistently improve performance & quality.
  • The leads are sent to you in real time either via email or live transfer (Hotkey).
  • All the leads are exclusive i.e. they are never resold