There’re number of companies supplying life insurance leads in the market today, however there’re hardly any companies out there who understand the insurance business properly. Majority of the leads’ suppliers follow very harsh terms & expect to get paid for every lead that falls in to the criteria regardless of genuine customer intent.

We’ve worked very closely with our life insurance clients for over 5 years now & have taken the trouble to understand how the industry works. We’re a team of flexible people as we understand the importance of adaptability. We’ve worked on areas that could be streamlined to develop a watertight model that works in the best interest of insurance brokers. We don’t just offer leads within a certain agreed criteria but leads that should convert. The conversion on our leads is undoubtedly the best as we ensure that both, your advisors & our sales force are working in tandem to get the utmost out of every case we deliver.

As a company we feel that there has to be a certain amount of trust & synchronization between all the parties to extract maximum value out of leads, so we spend time with you to understand how you operate in order to generate life insurance leads that would best suit your business model.


Life Insurance leads are abundantly available these days but when it comes to the quality of these leads, what you get is not usually what you’re promised. We, at Lead Route, firmly believe that the passion, energy and efforts that you as a businessman can put into your business personally can’t be replicated by any third parties. The same way life insurance lead generation is our business and we feel that we understand the life insurance industry better than any other marketing or lead generation Co. as life leads is our core business. Our energies are not diversified across multiple sectors hence the quality of our leads is unmatched.


All our leads are fresh and fully exclusive, be it life insurance leads or commercial insurance for that matter. Exclusivity of life leads though can be crucial to the success of your business due the claw back period hence it’s important to work with companies that are ethical and understand how this industry works. We consider ourselves as an extension to your business, a partner for whom their success depends upon yours.


We buy data from GDPR compliant sources and get our trained team to work on that in order to produce leads. We have 2 compliance executives in our office and their job includes training and updating the team on what they can or cannot say to the customers on the call besides listening to their calls all day long. Further, our team has no access to the data as the data is shared with them on our CRM wherein they don’t have the option to copy or paste it elsewhere.


We pre-qualify each lead by running a small fact find to ensure each lead fits the given criteria before transferring them over to you or your sales team. Therefore we only rarely ever get any replacement requests. After the lead is transferred we send the lead details immediately to you through our CRM so that you can call the customer back in case the line gets disconnected.

We can do both Hotkeys as well as email leads. Please feel free to get in touch for more details.

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