Life Insurance Hotkeys

“Life insurance Hotkeys” in the UK is currently one of the most sought after products. There’s been a sudden surge in demand for these leads in the past 2 years. Although growing demand in a certain product or service is usually good for that industry however as with any product when the demand goes up the supply tries to match that demand and that gives rise to 100s of companies wanting to fulfil that demand.

That’s exactly what has happened in the lead generation sector recently. Many companies have turned to doing life insurance and as such they’ve been looking for different marketing avenues to generate business from. Lead generation is by far the most effective medium if you’re looking for sales. Now within the lead generation sector too, there’re many different ways of generating leads for e.g. online and offline surveys, digital marketing, (Google ads, social media ads, etc.), targeted telemarketing with the aim to generate fully qualified leads, etc.

Of all the different types of leads that are available in the market, life insurance hotkeys are again the most effective way to generate sales as it puts you directly in touch with the customer who’s been qualified by a specialist to ensure it fits your criteria and is then handed over to you or your sales team on the same call.

Trouble is, majority of these marketing companies have little to no experience in the product hence the quality of their leads is a bit of a hit and a miss. Now as a broker you could still live with that if it’s limited only to the quality of the leads being poor but a bigger problem still is that majority of these marketing companies have no clues of how the industry works and that there could be claw backs if a customer decides to cancel their existing cover with the broker who sold it, within the first couple of years (the time could vary depending upon the provider and their terms with the broker).

So in order to make more money, they would inadvertently resell the same data to other brokers. In turn brokers lose money on both ends – first time when they buy these leads and later when their commissions are clawed back.

So for any broker to get success with these hotkeys they’ve got to find the right supplier and partner up with them for their requirements instead of switching suppliers every now and then.

At Lead Route XS, we’ve been generating life insurance hotkeys for over 10 years now and the one thing which all our clients would agree on unanimously is our high ethics. Our clients stick to us not because we produce the best quality leads in the market (not to say our leads are bad) but because they can trust us. They would vouch for our integrity any given day.

We have thorough knowledge of the product backed with diligent, hardworking and honest staff members who’ve spent years with us in our journey to master the skills required to generate top quality leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Life insurance hotkeys are exactly the same as other pre-qualified leads but they’re hotkeyed over to your sales team. In other words the customers are connected with your sales team in real time over a live call transfer. They’re better than email leads because you get to speak to the customer there and then when they have the time and are in the mood to discuss their life insurance with you.
No, we don’t ever tie you in any kind of contracts. However we do a have a minimum order value in place which is only 20 leads in case of hotkeys or email leads.
We qualify each lead to ensure they fit the mutually agreed criteria and after having qualified the lead we then hand over the lead to your sales team i.e. a happy customer who’s ready to discuss his/her life insurance requirements with you.
No, we can’t unfortunately do any sample leads as they’re not only a waste of time for you but a waste of efforts and money for us. You would take time to understand how these hotkeys work so you could build a strategy to deal with them accordingly. It takes time and a few leads to be able to build a strategy.
Conversion on these leads primarily depends on your approach and sales skills and is hence quite subjective. However on average our clients are able to hit a conversion rate of 1 in 3 leads.
We have a very reasonable and fair replacement policy in place which simply states that we’ll replace any lead for you without quibble if: A. the customer hangs up or says they’re not interested, the line drops within the 1st 5 minutes of the call & B. if it ever turns out that the lead is out criteria anytime during the call.