Virtual Assistance & Call Answering

Virtual assistants are like any other administrative assistants but as the name suggests they're physically not there in your office to perform the day to day task however they do all that online (remotely) and are just as good. Moreover physical presence is not the only difference, there're a number of benefits for a company that chooses to go for a virtual assistant which are as follows:

  • No office space required
  • No expenditure on furniture or other infrastructure such as computer, telephone, etc.
  • No calling cost if there's an appointment to be confirmed, message to be delivered to a client, etc.
  • No traveling or conveyance allowances.
  • No paid vacations.

Services include:

  1. Business letter/email writing 
  2. Calendar management
  3. Format documents, reports, e-books 
  4. Invoice management 
  5. Organizing meetings 
  6. Presentation creation (e.g. PowerPoint, QuickTime, Real Player)
  7. Reminder services 
  8. Research (Internet or other)
  9. Travel arrangements

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