Funeral Plan

We generate about 100 high quality "funeral plan" appointments a week, both telephonic as well as face to face. We make the customer understand most of it & give them an indication of how much it would cost so by the time they come to you in form of a lead they're half sold already. We arrange a time for you to call them or fix up a face to face appointment for you to go & see them. Just like our other leads you get all the relevant info so you could pick up from where we left it saving the customer the time & efforts to go through the same process again.

The conversions on these leads are by far better than any other source in the market & the price for which you get these leads makes it an extremely impressive deal.


  • To ensure you get only the best we have a very robust verification process in place. Every lead gets verified by the floor manager to check the quality is up to the mark & the lead is within the specified criteria.
  • All the calls are recorded & monitored by our compliance team to maintain high quality standards plus to consistently improve performance & quality.
  • The leads are sent to you in real time either via email or live transfer (Hotkey).
  • All the leads are exclusive i.e. they are never resold

Replacement terms

Apart from wrong numbers, deadlines & duplicates, we have a replacement guarantee in place for leads wherein customers aren't interested in speaking with you or it turns out the lead is outside the agreed criteria due to something which the customer didn't tell us before.

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